Our Promise

In a commercialized world I the editor of INKISH, Morten B. Reitoft, have decided to write this commitment to our viewers, stakeholders, and partners. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being supported by advertisers - so are we, and so we would like to be in the future as well. However, we believe that it is mandatory for us to declare how we operate, what you can expect from us and how we believe we can ensure a balance between being commercial and at the same time being loyal to you. We honestly believe that information from a media should be dedicated and loyal to our viewers and readers and we believe that we can do this by separating the interest of the advertiser from the interest of the editor and the editorial manifest. 

The editorial manifest for INKISH is to deliver unbiased content that we believe is of interest to our viewers and readers. We believe, that by creating great content about people, companies, and events from the global printing industry we can inspire our users. We believe that by having the ultimate editorial freedom we can deliver content that also has a huge value for our sponsors and advertisers.

We will not let sponsors and advertisers influence our editorial content except for specific errors, content that violates third-parties or customers or unintended content that can damage a sponsor, a partner or a third-party. This, of course, doesn’t apply to stories where we have decided to have a critical perspective on the content.

By delivering unbiased and stories that are true to the values we believe that we can gain more viewers and therefore also create a higher value for our sponsors and advertisers.

INKISH is made for our viewers and not for our sponsors and advertisers. This also means that we bring stories regardless of the number of viewers. We don’t even care about the number of viewers we have. However, we build services around our content that forever allow any of our viewers, sponsors, advertisers, partners, etc. to share our content for free. By using our content we believe that more people can be inspired and we believe that our partners who choose to deliver our content also can strengthen their brands. If our partners choose to use advertising before, after or in relation to our content, this isn’t something we can and will be held responsible for. We encourage media partners to use our content to also strengthen their brand and we believe that if they can monetize on this it will strengthen the industry since we believe that knowledge is the key to be successful.

Sponsors and advertisers can also use our content to support their marketing activities. They are ONLY allowed to distribute our content unedited and by using our sharing features. 
This ensures the control of our intellectual rights. Sponsors and advertisers support INKISH as it is and have no influence on colors, imaging, footage, angles, transcriptions, distributions, deliveries, partners, etc. except for the specifically described exceptions above. The commercial value is the sponsors or advertisers own ability to spread the INKISH story in order to benefit from a film that supports a specific product and/or service.

INKISH has the right to reject sponsors and advertisers. We will do so if we believe the story a sponsor or advertiser want’s to be filmed isn’t good, not supporting our brand and/or complies with our values. The sponsor or advertiser can sponsor an episode where they choose the site, the product and the time. They can’t influence the editorial perspective, but of course, we will talk to our sponsors and advertisers so we can angle a film also to benefit the sponsors- and/or advertisers products. INKISH don’t have an interest in being negative or critical to a sponsor's products/service since we would have rejected this even before entering into a business relationship then.

In our player, we promise that sponsored episodes will ALWAYS have the logo and a link to the sponsor of the episode. This both enable our viewers to judge whether an episode complies with our standards and values and at the same time let the viewer know that the episode is sponsored.

We will also make a playlist/theme on INKISH.TV with sponsors. This enables our viewers to find a sponsored episode but it also allows users to easily know what is sponsored and what is not sponsored content. The advantage for the sponsor or advertiser is to be branded.

This commitment has to be signed by any sponsor/advertiser before entering into a business relationship with INKISH. This is to ensure that sponsors and advertisers already know our commitment to you and to ensure that everybody understands and complies with above.

We will also make a sep. page with the name of sponsor and link to both films and sponsors website, so no-one can doubt what content is sponsored and what is not. 

Our commitment to you as a viewer is also that most of the content will always be editorial. If we get MORE sponsors/advertisers we will increase editorial content in order to ensure a good balance between sponsored content and editorial content.

This commitment will be updated on a per need basis. The most recent version will always be available on www.inkish.tv/sponsor/commitment.aspx

Thank you for your support,

Morten B. Reitoft