The Richard Askam Channel - Terms & Conditions

All I say is just an opinion

With the new Richard Askam Channel opinions will be said. Opinions about philosophy, business, marketing and who knows even some personal insights? The episodes will be published monthly, take about 10-12 minutes each and will end with a question. The question you should ask your colleagues, your customers, or even better - yourself.

This is group therapy on a high level.

Richard Askam is a keynote speaker, a writer and always ready to discuss. Not the types of discussions with conclusions or already established arguments - but more the kind of discussions that will leave both you and Richard open to any further discussion. 

This is what The Richard Askam Channel is all about. Be inspired, be generous, give back, be inspired, spread the word and let’s build a better print world.

A better better world can only be made if opinions are shared freely and open - and with the new Richard Askam channel all opinions matters - are you game?

How to support The Richard Askam Channel!

The Richard Askam Channel is a new channel on INKISH.TV and we need support from sponsors in order to bring the valuable channel forward. By sponsoring the Richard Askam Channel your brand will be associated with high quality and high value. Your customers need second opinions in order to grow. By growing your potential will grow and the entire industry will benefit from this.

We charge 3.000€ to be an episode sponsor for which your name will appear in the beginning of the film. We will link to your website in the description page and it will be boosted on our channels as well as on our partner channels. With a reach of more than 100.000 potential customers we believe our offer is great - not only for you, but for the entire industry. 

Prices per August 2018

Prices excl. VAT/Sales Taxes or any other applicable cost.